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We are looking for an
intellectually strong, mutually
beneficial relationships with
industrial partners and

Data Powers focuses on

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Data Powers welcomes investors in these and other domains to get acquainted with examples of our successful startup where we apply revolutionary cutting-edge technologies.

Data Powers experts also provide companies with data science based solutions by taking a fresh look at your challenges and offering unique perspectives to your business.

In the frame of our Corporate social responsibility policy Data Powers support startups and non-profit projects based on data science and created by our students and employees.

Data Powers take an active part in data science ecosystem development. That is why we are one of the few in Ukraine who support non-commercial projects and startups in the early stages.

Data Powers is looking for an intellectually strong, mutually beneficial relationships with industrial partners and entrepreneurs.

Data Powers lab is our scientific laboratory
where we create commercial & social products.

The application areas of data science are broad and
comprehensive. Data Powers creates startups to address
the most challenging problems in business and society.
Almost every industry is impacted by data. The
application areas are clustered, loosely, as follows:

  • Business analytics

  • Business logistics, including supply chain optimization

  • Finance

  • Health, wellness, & biomedicine

  • Bioinformatics

  • Natural sciences

  • Social media and social network analysis

  • Smart cities

  • Education and electronic teaching

  • Energy, sustainability and climate

Data Powers Startups

Ultimate Analytics

The product that uses AI system and computer vision to predict UFC fights results. In UFC, like in any modern sport you need to rely on human-being analyst in order to collect match statistic and make predictions. We are making software that can make exact real time analytics allowing to forget about costly and inaccurate analysts. Our approach is based on using of computer vision and neural networks to achieve these results.

Cryptocurrency validation

AI system that estimates real value for cryptocurrency at ICO & analyze the risks Using of cryptocurrency may change the face of modern economy, it’s for sure. But it's still an emerging market with all features of the last: high investment return live together with overwhelming risks and uncertainty. This product will allow you to validate any company that attracting investment through cryptocurrency and predict company value at ICO. Success of any company depends on public opinion about it. That is why we decided to combine market statistics with social network approach through using of NLP and Deep Learning.

Medical emergency help

Mobile app that uses geolocation to find the closest person that can provide basic medical help in an emergency. Sometimes it’s only matter of minutes to find someone who can provide emergency help. Traffic jams and huge distance from nearest hospital may quickly become huge life threats. It’s always better to find someone nearby, who can help before an ambulance came to place. This project allows nearest person that can provide basic medical help in first minutes after an accident.