data powers educational programs

Free Academy opened to
everyone willing to bring
data driven future closer

Free Academy

In our Academy we aim to facilitate the highest quality
data science education, research and industrial
collaboration. Our goal is to develop an understanding of
the boundless potential that data science has in this world
and to engage and educate more Ukrainian youth in data
science areas.

Data Powers Academy aims to make data science
accessible for everybody. Our programs are focused on
studying Machine Learning, Statistics, Math, Sentiment
Analysis, Computer Vision etc. We provide grants for
talented students, so they can focus on studying.

Data Powers is socially responsible company. Our CSR
policy reflects our strong belief that while achieving
business targets, company should contribute to the society
at the same time. That is why we are proud to present our
Free Academy opened to everyone willing to bring data
driven future closer.

The Academy was created in accordance with Data Powers
mission and vision to create a high-energy, collaborative
infrastructure and atmosphere to explore challenges at the
forefront of data science.

The advantage of our academy

  • Special opportunities for the best students
    include local and foreign events attendance.

  • Strong financial support. We assign a
    reasonable and competitive award to each
    student, so you can focus on learning and not
    searching for additional source of income.

  • Educating and working in friendly and creative atmosphere.

  • We provide individual training program to
    uncover each student potential.

  • Early exposure to real cases. Our students
    get involved in the real projects, either as
    interns or paid employees, gaining important
    experience to be applied in the marketplace.

  • Future job opportunities. For our student
    jobs are available in the partnering high-tech

Who can

Students of technical
specialization in the
second year and beyond

Fluent English is required
(intermidiate or advanced)

Ukraine Citizen

Highly motivated to
learn new technical and
professional skills