data powers for business

Approaching data science
in a right way ensure your
company leadership in
a global market

Upgrade your team to benefit your business


Make the first step – invite our experts to conduct evaluation procedure of your team skills and to estimate the needs of your company.


Next step – Data Powers develop an individual training program for your employees, which exactly meets the needs of your company.


Optional service if necessary – regular mentoring sessions and ongoing support.

What we offer

Data Science

This camp provides everything you need to handle real-world data for your own business and applications. You will learn about Python scientific toolkit and math behind the machine learning algorithm.

Computer Vision Courses

Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing. You will learn how to make use of information you can gain from each pixel of an image.

Advanced Machine Learning

This course covers up such topics as data preparation, advanced machine learning algorithms, neural network architectures and deep learning.

Sentiment Analysis

Introduction to Natural Language Processing through machine learning and rule-based models. You will gain new skills to analyse any text you want for better understanding of your customer preferences.

What’s the result

  • Your IT team upgraded to a new level and empowered with new skill and practical tools

  • Your own data science team capable to deploy projects and/or carry out tasks in less time-consuming way

  • More efficient usage of the company resources as long as there is no need to outsource the tasks any longer

  • High quality data exploring and analyzing

  • Programmers capable to build predictive models which helps use data more efficien

For whom

  • Corporations, public, state-owned, and private businesses

  • Everyone interested in Data Science field

  • IT Schools and Academies