Data Driven Future

Using Data Science to transform
information into benefit

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Who we are

We apply Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technology and Data Science to solve complex problems and create innovative products.

Data Powers create new technology to manage and gain insight from "big data" while also educating tomorrow's data scientists.

We are the team of experienced and creative
data scientists who enjoy solving complex problems.

Our goals

  • To provide business with unique solutions
    based on individual approach

  • To connect investors with leading AI&Data
    Science startups

  • To help improving Data Science ecosystem in
    Ukraine by providing student grants and
    giving talented youth practical experience

How we do this

Solutions for business

When building a new generation of your product your team needs to acquire new skills as fast as possible. This can be challenging when talking about Data Science or AI, that is where we come into play.

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Prospects for investors

When our team meets either an opportunity to solve a global problem or challenge that fit our expertise then we develop new innovative products. Though we are a very young team, we already have a few amazing projects to show.

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Opportunities for talented students

In order to make Data Science more accessible for youth and make the community bigger we provide non-commercial educational programs for motivated students who want to develop themselves in the DS-field.

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